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Dock Leveller
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Dock Leveller – Introduction

This instruction manual allows the authorized staff to properly use the dock levellers and to carry out the necessary maintenance works, avoiding, possibly, even mortal dangers, which come from a wrong use of the dock leveller.

The reading of the following manual has to be done together with the one of the manual of the correspondent dock leveller.

We remind you that installation, maintenance, repairs and tests have to be done by an expert.

The safety regulations, define as an expert, a person who according his technical training and his experience, knows enough the loading points sector and knows very well the equipment adjustments (dock levellers, lifting tables, sectional doors, dock shelters, etc.) in order to allow their functioning.

All data, which appear in this manual, have to be considered indicative.


The power pack has been placed in the fore part, in order to make easy the installation and the enter for possible checks and maintenances, without the need of the man entering in it (obviously excluding all connected risks).

In this case, we would specify that the electric cable passing pipe is placed laterally in the fore part and can be placed on the right or on the left, according to the position of the control box which is established by the customer.

Besides, we remind you that the electric cable length of 8 metres satisfies the 99% of the cases. Should there be a major length, it should be indicated in the order.

Dock Leveller – Forking

All Induparts’s dock levellers can be forked by a forklift, to make very quick the moving operations to the building sites and of loading/unloading of the dock levellers from the trucks.
They can be loaded and unloaded also in pairs, provided that the lift forks are as long as the ones shown in the picture on the left.
The forks width is not tied, thanks to our solution of having only one of the forks completely bound and the other one with a space of movement which corresponds to the width between the lateral rising, as shown in the picture on the right.
Except for the pit fixing box and pit mounted dock levellers. In this case, both forks are completely bound, as you can observe in the picture on the left.

Connecting and Starting


• See the electric diagram on the instruction manual.
• Verify that tension and frequency are the same as the ones indicated below the electric diagram.
• Take the electric connection closed to the machine, by using conductors, which are suitable to the power of the machine.
• Set up the duly measured isolator.
• Go on with the line until the inner of the control box and effect the connection of the cables.
We remind you to place the controls in such a way that the operator always
has a perfect view of the dock leveller and of the load movements.

• After making sure that there a no foreign bodies above or in the dock leveller, switch the main switch on and start the maneuver push button.
• At the moment of the first motor starting, verify that the rotating direction is correct: if after 4/5 seconds the dock leveller lifts up, the motor is rotating in the correct way, otherwise, stop the control and invert the motor phases. We remind you that the functioning of the motor in the opposite direction will
cause irreparable damages to the pump.
• So, effect 3/4 completed cycles as it is described in the instruction manual to verify, in particular, that no obstruction forbids the normal functioning of the dock leveller.

In case of correct functioning, proceed with:

Pit Fixing type SA
• Finally weld the anchor holders to the steel bars and to the pit angle edge of the dock leveller.
• Effect strong welding in order to make the dock leveller in accordance with the pit armor.
• Complete the floor finishing, by covering the fixing with concrete which has pressure mechanical characteristics of resistance not lower than 250 kg/cm2, in order to obtain a smooth surface between the dock leveller and the dock.

Pit fixing type SB
• Finally weld the pit angle of the dock leveller to the pit edges angles.
• Effect strong welding in order to make the dock leveller in accordance with the pit armour.

After the installation and before the starting, the dock leveller must be submitted to several controls, as it is foreseen at the pages 26-27 of the instruction manual MR2001.
Only with the delivery of the check certificate after the installation (of which you can see a facsimile at page 28 del of the instruction manual MR2001), the documentation can be considered complete.

Moving and Storage


Make sure to use proper lifting equipments.
Weight and dimensions of the dock levellers are indicated at page 14 in the instruction manual

• The dock leveller is deliver with the lip placed on the supports. During the moving operations, it is necessary that the lip keep this position. Before unloading the dock leveller it is necessary to make sure that this one has not had damages during the transport. In the event of damages, you should give immediately the forwarder a written document and forward a copy of it to Indupart by fax, mentioning the number of construction of the dock leveller.
• All dock leveler’s have got 4 hooks or eye bolt to which hook proper moving ropes.
• According to the type of transport, it is necessary to protect the dock leveller from any possible crashes and stresses; besides the warning plates, which have functions of safety, shouldn’t be taken away, covered or damaged. Do not use any other hook or other types of sling. Besides, avoid to fork the dock leveller directly with a fork lift.

Only use proper devices for lifting of engines with their own weight, which corresponds to the one, indicated on the manual.
Hook the crane only in the foreseen points. Do not pass or stop under suspended loads.

If the installation is not immediately done, it necessary you store the dock leveller in a closed and not humid area, where there no acid, no thin powder and no explosive material.
The dock levellers can be superposable until a number of 6 levellers. The lower frame of the dock leveller must always stand on a smooth, flat and horizontal of suitable capacity.

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