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Please contact one of our team to find out which of our cable drums will be suitable as a replacement.

The measurement from the top of the door to the top of the spring beam on a standard lift door is around 500mm.

80mm 0.54 W/m2 K/40mm 0.51 W/m2 K

The easiest way to identify any type of door panel is to send a photograph to sales@indupart.co.uk

The measurement from the underside of the opening to the underside of the roofline, at its lowest point.

You can tell if its steel by using a magnet, if it sticks itʼs steel, it it doesnʼt itʼs aluminium.

Please make sure youʼre using the cable tensioning kit.

We get asked a lot to see how you hand a door spring for Roller Shutters and Sectional Overhead Doors, we understand there is a lot of confusion in the industry to do with this, so here’s our a simple guide below.

Left hand wound spring

  • Place the spring to 12 o’clock
  • Find the cut of the wire
  • If the wire goes to the left hand side, it is a left hand wound spring

Right hand wound spring

  • Place the spring to 12 o’clock
  • Find the cut of the wire
  • If the wire goes to the right hand side, it is a right hand wound spring

Version 1

  1. Place your spring on the side.
  2. Locate the cut of the wire.
  3. Place your tape measure and place it on the end of the spring (missing out the wire cut)
  4. Count 10 wires in and measure the length.
  5. For example if it measures 75mm the wire diameter is 7.5.

Version 2

  1. Get an Indupart wire gage by clicking here this will measure from 4.5 to 11.5.
  2. Take one of the blades and place it onto the wire.
  3. Keep repeating this with other blades until you find the one that fits perfectly.

Incorrect positioning of a pusher spring is always a massive problem within the industry when you are installing Electrical or Manuals Operated Doors, here’s our quick tip below.


On a manual door the pusher spring only acts as a buffer.


On an electrically operated doors the pusher springs must be fully charged when the doors are open. If the pusher springs are not fully charged the cables will fall off the drum when closing.

This is how to install a spring break device, please do not try this by yourself. You will need a fully qualified engineer to install a spring break device.

  1. The pawl retaining pin is only renewed after the spring fully tensioned as indicated on the yellow tag on the spring break device.
  2. You now need to attach the spring break device to the spring, remove the pawl wheel from the spring break device, then make sure the pawl is always at 12 o’clock.
  3. The large washer should always be kept at the following position: 2 small spacer washers and the large washer on top, this allows the bracket to move. Make sure the large washer is always at the back of the baring plate.
  4. Remove the two nuts and slide it onto the shaft, level the spring to the centre baring, and secure the spring break by tightening the two screws, you should be left with free movement at all times.
  5. Then take the pawl wheel which you removed earlier, slide it onto the shaft making sure the screws are always facing outwards.
  6. Take your key steel, fit it into the pawl and then tighten everything using a DEVICE NAME HERE!?
  7. The pawl retaining pin must not be removed until the spring is fully tensioned.

When larger springs or drums are supplied then Extension Brackets are used to achieve the correct dimensions and strengthening brackets are supplied on the larger doors. You can find out more information on these here.

Once the spring device is fitted correctly and the spring is fully tensioned, this is when you can remove the retaining pin. Please view the video below to see this in action.

Please note: Do not try this by yourself, please get a trained engineer to install a spring break device.

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