Belt High Speed Door

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Design: Simple, basic, robust and functional design.
Compactness: Ideal for those larger applications even with reduced side room.
Vision: 2 rows of rectangular vision panels with rounded corners are supplied as standard. Additional windows are available on request.
Customisation: Silk screen printing, digital prints and logos on curtains are available on request.

Key Features


Opening Speed: Up to 1.2m/sec
Safety: Complete with two safety systems as standard.
Safety Cells: Consisting of one receiver and one transmitter, situated on the columns.
Safety Edge: Wireless resistive bottom safety edge.
Conservation: Use high speed doors to optimise logistics, provide insulation by eliminating drafts of air and heat loss, reduce noise pollution and dust.


Use: Suitable for intensive and continuous use applications.
Solidity: The frame / canopy is made from 2mm galvanised steel, making the structure very strong, sturdy and self supporting – with no welded parts.
Lifetime: Tested in working conditions to over 1.5 million cycles, with excellent results.
Resistance: Wind load and differences in pressure up to Class 2 (EN12424) when tested in the fully closed position. Operational wind loads will vary dependent on door size & installation accuracy.
Upgrade to Class 3 optional.


– Light industries
– Heavy Industries
– Iron and steel industries
– Engineering industries
– Textile industries
– Chemical industries
– Food processing industries


Maximum Dimensions: 20,000 x 12,000 mm WxH – Special versions are available up to 30,000mm x 25,000mm (gigabelt)
Frame/Guides: 2mm thick galvanised steel. Stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 available as an optional extra (powder coating is available as an optional extra)
Roller: Galvanised steel
Motor: Three phase, self braking
Curtain: Polyestic fabric, coated with coloured PVC (to choose colours see the chart) 900 g/m2. Insulated as an optional extra. (1300g/m2 insulated material available on request)
Vision: Rectangular vision panels with rounded corners.
Override: By cranks, counterweights optional
Standard: Compliant with EN 13241
Wind Load: Maximum class 2 EN 12424. Class 3 available as an optional extra.
Temperatures: From 0°C up to + 70°C
Accessories: Various accessories available e.g remote control, radars, Induction loop cards, additional push buttons etc

Alternative Activation Options

Induction loops, motion detectors, pull cords, remote controls, photocells, badge readers, code keyboards, no touch push buttons.

Colour Charts

Curtain Colour Chart (900g/m2)

Curtain Colour Chart (1300g/m2)

Curtain Repairs

We can repair all major brands of High Speed Doors. Patch repair and full curtain replacements are available at competitive prices at our off site facility. Please note: For all curtain repairs a drawing will need to be supplied for us to get a close replica of the existing curtain.

Technical Information

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