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Maximum Dimensions: 4500mm x 4750mm WxH
Sectional Filling: Windows, glass, open / blank fillings in various versions
Heat Insulation: 3.84 W/M²*K (fully acrylic double)

Requirements & Classifications

Top Clearance: 1100mm (top) 850mm (behind)
Free Installation Depth: 750mm (top) 1000 (behind)
Side Clearance: 95mm (side) 360mm (operating side)
Wind Load: Class 4
Water Load: Class 3
Air Permeability: Class 3


The Cube is supplied as standard with anodised aluminium A40 sections. These sections can be combined with S40 steel sandwich sections. The Cube always has an even number of sections, meaning each section is made up of 2 sections, each at the same height up to a maximum of 650mm. For each pair of sections, one of them will have an external hinge.

The sections concertina compactly behind the structural opening, meaning a limited depth for the installation is not a problem. Available with A40 aluminium and if required combined with S40 steel sections.

The spring system for the Cube is pre-mounted on a box section, this ensures quick and easy installation.

The Cube industrial door meets the CE requirements laid down in the European guideline for industrial doors (NEN-EN 13241-1). In combination with a drive, you can choose from various safety devices and operating options.

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