Residential Overhead Door

If you have an old tilting garage door you know the problems. Runners stick, a huge effort is needed to start the door moving and the whole operation is cumbersome, noisy and unpredictable.

The R60 and E80 guide track systems solve these problems. The system requires no structural change and only needs 60mm of top clearance. The long life guide track system combines corrosion resistant galvanised steel vertical and horizontal tracks with a curved aluminium transition piece. This is Smart Connection: a patented technology that provides smooth, almost silent, door movement on tracks that are resistant to wear. Select R60 for manually operation or electrically operated lift with the E60 option.

Galvanised steel torsion springs are used to offset the weight of the door, reducing the effort required. We use a minimum of two springs per door, but may install up to four on larger doors.

Key Features


Garages are common targets for criminals. To secure your door we install SGK locks that are tested and certified by the foundation for facade element quality. Electrically operated doors also provide a further safeguard with an anti-lift device to prevent the door being manually lifted.


All doors include edge protection so that fingers cannot be trapped or pinched between panels. In addition all doors include a device to stop sudden closure in the event of mechanical failure, such as the failure of a door spring. All electrically operated doors also have a force limiter. This will detect if there is any obstruction and reverse movement to avoid damage or injury. The steel door, with fire retardant and CFC free foam insulation, is inherently fire resistant.

Energy Saving

Door panels are foam insulated to reduce heat loss, condensation and sound transmission. In addition, 30mm EPDM rubber seals ensure effective closure preventing air, rain and blown-snow ingress around the door perimeter to create a more stable environment inside the garage.


Door panels are fabricated from strong horizontal 40mm steel sandwich panels with an extra thick steel skin. These are galvanised for long-life corrosion protection that will be effective even if the outer decorative finish is scratched or damaged.

High Line and Wood Line

Your garage door needs to be in harmony with your home so we have multiple options for door finishes.

High Line panels offer an almost infinite choice of long life colour finishes that will maintain their vibrancy for years. With four panels and three surface textures, the options are even greater.

To add character and personality we have a range of realistic wood finishes and textured surfaces. Choose the wood effect that suits you property – perhaps fully finished to look like craftsman built door, or a weathered finish to give a more characterful appearance.

Whatever finish you choose you have the assurance that your door has the strength of steel and will give many years of service.

Design Line

Design Line creates an opportunity to make a bold architectural statement.

Design-Line Umbra has a pronounced pattern of lines and embossment (micro-profiling) to create a door of striking appearance. Four colour finishes are available, pure white (RAL9010), silver (RAL9006), aluminium grey (RAL9007) and anthracite grey (RAL7016).

Design-Line Antara has a modern appearance in keeping with the latest architectural trends. This is a textured finish in an attractive anthracite colour.

Design-Line Nature is created to give a tranquil natural appearance. Finished in silver with an irregular pattern and texture the design harmonises with the environment.

Options and Accessories

Motorised Control

Save time and effort with fully motorised operation. This provides effortless opening without leaving the car and permits other automation possibilities such as interlinking to floodlights, courtesy lights, alarms and other systems.

Colour Options

All panels are finished in a durable white top coat, but other colours can be applied from an almost unlimited palette to give a flat mirror polished surface. As an alternative to flat colour we can also offer a choice of 20 attractive stucco finishes with horizontal lining.

Assured Quality

Every door is built to order and subject to close quality control at each stage of manufacture. Only quality materials are used that are carefully inspected before manufacturing starts.

Many of the production processes are automated using precision equipment that ensure components are consistently produced to accurate dimensions. This results in doors that fit, function efficiently and will continue to provide high performance for many years.

Pass door with lowered threshold

Top-line sections can be used in nearly all doors including three ventilation grills

De luxe handle in black or metallic

Rectangular windows

Rectangular windows split into separate panes

Circular windows split into separate panes

Colours Available on Stucco High Line

Guide Tracks

Universal Track System – G200

All of our guide track systems and garage doors are constructed in such a way that the door rolls up and down vertically. The door does not protrude forward, in contrast to a solid tilting door. As a result, you can always use the space in front of and behind the garage door optimally. For the G200, we require a clearance of 200 mm above the door opening. All of our guide track systems use galvanised torsion springs, which for the G200 are located directly above the door.

Standard Track System – G160

Is the clearance limited for the installation of your new garage door? This does not need to be a problem. The G160 guide track system only requires a top clearance of 160 mm, above the wall opening. Similar to the other guide track systems, the G160 guide track system has a very stable design, enabling us to guarantee a long life.

For Minimum Clearance Height – G100

Is the clearance limited for the installation of your new garage door? This does not need to be a problem. The G160 guide track system only requires a top clearance of 160 mm, above the wall opening. Similar to the other guide track systems, the G160 guide track system has a very stable design, enabling us to guarantee a long life.

Replacing Old Tilting Doors – R60

The R60 guide track system is pre-eminently suitable for replacing an old uninsulated tilting garage door. The system is designed in such a way that practically no structural changes are required to install the new door. The R60 requires just 60 mm of top clearance. The R60 is only supplied in a motorised version.

Smart Technology


A good example of this smart technology is our patented Smart-Connection®. The SmartConnection® forms the transition between de horizontal and the vertical tracks. This innovative solution makes the door almost silent and less susceptible to wear.

Aluminium Bend

We use an aluminium bend as standard in the guide track system. This high-quality material gives the bend a perfect fit and prevents premature wear. Here as well we have chosen the highest quality solution.

Reliable Seal

The garage door must keep out wind and water. Therefore, our doors are fitted with a 30-mm wide flexible EPDM rubber seal. The width and flexibility of the rubber guarantees a reliable seal and perfectly protects your garage from draught and moisture under varying weather conditions.

Powder-Coated Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are a very important part of your garage door. Therefore, for the G and R track systems we always use at least two torsion springs and for large doors up to four. Torsion springs balance your garage door and are therefore indispensable. We only use powder-coated torsion springs to avoid the risk of corrosion.

Technical Information

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