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If your requirements are typical of most garage scenarios, the Classic option, with its 77mm insulated slats, will probably be the default choice of colours with innovative features, advanced technology and Secured by Design approval.


Roller garage doors are renowned for their unique space-saving design. The Compact option, with its 55mm insulated slats, has been developed specifically for garages with limited headroom.


Indupart’s Roller Garage Doors are manufactured in the UK by physical security specialists Aluroll. They have spent many years developing security shutters for the commercial sector, becoming the first choice for banks, Government buildings and other high-risk premises globally.

This unrivalled expertise has been transferred to the domestic market with this range. Each door is packed with innovative features to protect your property, from the anti-lift locking system to the high strength extruded guide channels designed to keep the curtain in place.

For the Classic door, Secured by Design accreditation reaffirms the fact that this is one of the most secure roller garage doors in the marketplace.

External Face Fixing

The door is fitted to the inside of the garage opening. This is the most common location and allows the maximum clear drive through width and the best security.

Reveal Fixing

The door is fitted within the garage opening, underneath the lintel. A reveal fix most commonly used when face fixing is not possible. It requires good headroom within the opening, but no space above it. The Compact door is ideal for this type of installation.

External Fixing

When headroom does not permit internal installation, doors can be fitted to the external face. This means the box is visible outside the garage and concave face of the door curtain slats face outwards..

Safety Brake

An integrated brake is fitted to the end plate. This prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure and ensures compliance with safety legislation.

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