Roller Garage Door

Recent survey results show that security is the most important factor when buying a garage door. This came as no surprise as a key target for thieves and can even provide an access point to the entire building.

Reliability was also a priority, and one that can only be achieved through years of experience, a high level of technical expertise and unrivalled build quality.

This resulted in the Roller Garage Door, barriers designed to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of the home. Each door is made to order in the UK using the highest specification components.

They ensure owners can enjoy years of problem-free use. All doors are fully insulated with remote control operation and state-of-the-art safety and security features as standard.

Indupart products are CE marked in accordance with European guidelines and quality assured to ISO 9001:2015.

Door Options


Our best selling door. If your requirements are typical of most garage scenarios, the Classic option, with its 77mm insulated slats, will probably be the default choice of colours with innovative features and advanced technology.

Indupart’s Roller Garage Doors are made to measure and come with the following features as standard:

– Remote control operation provided by world leading brands in home automation
– A wide choice of solid colours and painted wood effects with the option to upgrade to a wood laminate or RAL colour matched finish


Classic and Compact Roller Garage Door parts are guaranteed for a period of 5 years subject to correct installation, operation and maintenance. Contact Indupart for a copy of the full terms and conditions.

These doors are CE marked to indicate compliance with European directives and product safety standards. This shows they meet health, safety and environmental protective legislation.


Roller garage doors are renowned for their unique space-saving design. The Compact option, with its 55mm insulated slats, has been developed specifically for garages with limited headroom.


Indupart’s Roller Garage Doors are manufactured in the UK by physical security specialists Aluroll. They have spent many years developing security shutters for the commercial sector, becoming the first choice for banks, Government buildings and other high-risk premises globally.

This unrivalled expertise has been transferred to the domestic market with this range. Each door is packed with innovative features to protect your property, from the anti-lift locking system to the high strength extruded guide channels designed to keep the curtain in place.

The Door


The profiles are manufactures from twin walled aluminium with an advanced polyurethane foam core, providing effective heat and sound insulation. There are no visible handles or locks for potential intruders to target.

Vision Option

Optional solid colour vision profiles allow natural light to enter the garage. Transparent polycarbonate infills weatherproof of the openings (excludes the Compact door.)


High security extruded aluminium guide channels protect the door curtain from lateral attack. These have built-in brushed to minimise operating noise, assist smooth operation and reduce draughts.

Bottom Slat

The bottom slat is manufactured from touch extruded aluminium, with a built-in intelligent safety edge system. Sensors can detect an obstruction and communicate this to the control panel, which in turn automatically retracts the door. A flexible rubber weather strip minimises rain entering the garage.

Threshold Strip

Add that extra special finishing touch with an aluminium threshold strip (charges apply.)


Each door comes with a full or half box option to keep the barrel and curtain out of reach. Typical box sizes of 205mm (Compact) and 300mm (Classic) can be achieved (subject to opening height) and may be colour matched to the rest of the door.

Anti-lift Locking

The strong steel barrel is connected to the curtain via a patented anti-lift locking system. This prevents the curtain from being forcibly opened from below.

Safety Brake

An integrated brake is fitted to the end plate. This prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure and ensures compliance with safety legislation.

Teleco wired safety edge

Teleco wireless safety edge


Courtesy Light

The integrated LED light strip will automatically switch on during operation. This allows you to park your car and exit in comfort and convenience.

Intelligent Communication

The control panel effortlessly handles instructions from your controls and safety edge system. It will automatically stop the door from closing if it senses an obstruction.

Powerful Motor

The motors are sources from market-leading home automation brands, Somfy and NRG to ensure longevity. Their compact designs fit neatly inside the barrel.

Intruder Alarm

A built-in shock sensor triggers a 98dB alarm is an attempt is made to force open the door (wireless safety edge system only.)

Holiday Mode

Lock the control panel for extra security when you are not at home. Holiday mode prevents anybody from opening the door until you unlock it with your handset.

Ambient Lighting

Add built-on ambient lighting outside your garage with the Teleco Moonlight system. These LED lights sit underneath the lintel giving a half moon effect on single and double doors.

Controls & Accessories


Simply press a button and drive straight in. Indupart doors are supplied with two four-button key fobs as standard, there is also an option to program more as required. Rolling code technology means your handset will generate a different code each time you use it, preventing criminals from gaining access.

Cable Break Safety Device (Recommended)

Don’t have your key fob to hand? Operate the door using the push buttons on the control panel itself.

Manual Override

A simple winding handle allows you to open and close the door in the event of power failure.

Mobile Phone

Provide temporary access for deliveries, receive a text message when your alarm is triggered and find out the status of your door from anywhere in the world. Ask your Roller Garage Door installer for a plug-in GSM SIM card to enjoy the convenience of mobile phone operation.

Wireless Controls

Wireless wall switches or combination code keypads can be mounted inside or outside your home. Bidirectional technology makes it possible to check the status of your door at the touch of a button.

External Manual Override

A low level external override allows you to open and close the garage door manually from outside. It is operated by a simple crank handle and has a lockable cover for security.


Flexibility with fitting your Indupart door makes it easier for your installer to find the perfect solution. Factors like your chosen product, its size, the wall concentration and ho much overhead space you have affect which option is most suitable.

Internal Face Fix

The door is fitted to the inside of the garage opening. This is the most common location and allows the maximum clear drive through width and the best security.

Reveal Fix

The door is fitted within the garage opening, underneath the lintel. A reveal fix most commonly used when face fixing is not possible. It requires good headroom within the opening, but no space above it. The Compact door is ideal for this type of installation.

External Fix

When headroom does not permit internal installation, doors can be fitted to the external face. This means the box is visible outside the garage and concave face of the door curtain slats face outwards.

Curtain Marking

Please note that due to the rolling action of the door, surface marking may be caused by security locks dusk and debris. This does not constitute a product fault and performance is not affected in any way.

Colour Charts

Standard Colours

Solid colour roller garage doors available with matching box and guides as standard, or traditional white or brown. Painted wood effect doors supplied with brown box and guides a standard.

Wood Laminate Finishes

Please add 15% surcharge to roller garage door prices for wood laminate effects. The laminate finish applies to one side only and is only suitable for internal face fits. Supplied with brown box and guides as standard.

Technical Information

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