Sectional Overhead Door

When searching for the right sectional overhead door, safety, durability, customisation and appearance are very important. You are looking for a reliable product that will operate problem free under all conditions. A proven product that will be made according to your specification and be delivered on time.

Indupart’s sectional overhead doors meet the most stringent British guidelines in the area of safety and durability. In a wide range of applications and in changing weather conditions (temperature, wind and water), the sectional overhead doors provide reliable access through the openings in which they are installed.

Key Features


Our sectional overhead doors are constructed from Kingspan composite panel, allowing you to specify the format, functionality and appearance you desire. Indupart’s sectional overhead doors can be supplied in any RAL colour.


You want a sectional overhead door that completely meets your needs and will operate problem free for many years. The panels in our doors are perfectly protected against corrosion, thanks to the use of highquality materials, which are galvanised and coated. This guarantees a long life, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.


To guarantee the quality and safety of industrial doors, the European Commission has established (European) guidelines in the EN 13 241 1:2003 standard. All of our sectional overhead doors meet the requirements specified in this CE NEN standard. This has been determined by the accredited Swedish research centre SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Made To Measure

Our sectional overhead doors are manufactured to the exact specified size and assembled and installed on site. If required, our doors can be fitted with a wicket door and/or windows. The sectional overhead door can be operated manually, semi-automatically (with a chain hoist) or fully automatically (with a GfA operator).


Our sectional overhead doors are produced at our Stockport production warehouse. We have been delivering, in accordance with the agreed specifications and delivery times, quality doors from our own factories for over 30 years. We keep our quality standards high with product innovation and extensive internal quality control. Our products make us the market leader in the UK.

Long Life

Thanks to the extra thick steel skin, that is galvanised and coated, the doors are optimally protected against deformation and corrosion. You are ensured that your door will have a long life.

High Insulation Value

Our sectional overhead doors are made of 40-millimetre thick steel sandwich panels/sections (80mm are available). The male-female construction ensures that they fit together almost seamlessly. The front and back skins of the panels are made of extra thick steel. These skins are separated by Kingspan’s unique firesafe foam.



A track system is used when opening and closing a sectional overhead door. This system consists of a set of rails, the springs and the operating equipment. The track system forms the silent strength of every sectional overhead door.

Indupart’s tracks are always custom made and all made from high-quality galvanised steel. A track is designed and made to measure in our factory for every sectional overhead door. The quality of the track determines to a large degree the life of your sectional overhead door. The roller carriers are adjustable and along with the intermediate panel hinges, are hot dipped galvanised steel. The rollers that run in the side track are sealed for life, self-lubricating bearings with a nylon tyre to give a smooth and quiet operation.

Springs, Hoisting Cables & Hardware

Steel lifting springs and cables are used to open the sectional overhead door and keep it open. The springs are high quality and have a long life. They are shot blasted, powder coated and oiled when delivered. Special springs are available for overhead doors that are used frequently. The hoisting cables are six times over-dimensioned for additional safety.

Operating Equipment

The sectional overhead door can be operated manually, with a chain hoist or by an electric motor. We can advise you of the possibilities and advantages of each mode of operation.

Door Safety

Spring Brake Device

If a spring of the track system breaks (for instance at the end of its life), it is possible for the overhead door to suddenly shut at great speed. For manually operated doors especially, this can result in dangerous situations. Therefore, these overhead doors are fitted as standard with an obligatory spring brake device. If another mode of operation is used, the spring brake device can be fitted as an extra option.

Cable Break Safety Device (Recommended)

In the unlikely event that one of the cables of the guide rail system breaks, an unsafe situation can develop when opening or closing the door. To reduce the risk of a cable break, we over-dimension the cables six times. This reduces the probability of both cables breaking at the same time to almost zero. Although when using our cables it is not obligatory to fit a cable break safety device, Indupart fit them as standard.


Doors to comply with BS EN 13241-1:2003 + A1 : 2001
Mechanical Aspects: Pass (BS EN 12604)
Requirements for safety in use of power operated doors: Pass (BS EN 12453)
With 3rd party certification by recognised testing authority.
Wind Pressure: Class 3 (BS EN 12424) – Doors to achieve higher wind load classes are available on request.
Manual Opening force: Pass
Water Penetration: Class 3 (BS EN 12425)
Air Permeability: Class 2 (BS EN 12426) – Offering an air tightness of 12m3/m2h at a pressure of 50Pa.
Air Leakage: Class 3
Acoustic Rating: 25dB
CE marked with manufacturers declaration of conformity.

Safety Edge & Light Curtain

A safety edge or a light curtain be fitted to electrically operated overhead doors for additional safety. With the safety edge installed, when the door is closing it will stop and automatically reopen if the safety edge is touched. The light curtain secures the entire door opening. As soon as someone or something is detected in the door opening when the door is closing, the door will automatically reopen.

Finger Protection

Finger protection is obligatory (CE standard) for overhead doors up to a height of 2.5 metres (the height of the pivot point of the top section). Finger protection is not obligatory for higher sectional overhead doors, but offers extra protection.

Door Panels

Kingspan 610mm x 40mm thick composite panels manufactured using 0.45mm outer and 0.33mm liner, continuously hot dip, zinc coated structural steel with internally mounted steel bands to accept self tapping fixings. Insulated with Kingspan’s unique Isophenic (IPN) Core (providing optimum fire performance as standard) giving an optimum panel ‘U’ value of 0.51 W/m2 K. This means a typical door of 4000 x 5000 ‘U’ value of 0.9 W/m2 K. Better ‘U’ values are achievable using 80mm Kingspan composite panels on request.

Safety Edge

You can also select a safety edge to be fitted on electrically operated overhead doors for additional safety. If the door closes while someone or something is under it, the safety edge stops the door automatically.

Description Compulsory Recommended
Spring break safety device For manually operated doors and doors operated by a chain hoist Always
Cable break safety device If the cables are less than six times over-dimensioned Always
Slack cable safety device For electrically operated doors Install 2 per door
Safety Edge Not compulsory For safety and ease of use
Smart lock device Not compulsory For security and smaller doors
Finger protection If the pivot of the top section is below 2500 mm Always


The core provides optimum fire performance for a sandwich panel and is classified as B – s2, d0 under the requirements of EN 13501-1:2007+A1 (the European wide classification for construction products and building elements) – and accords with Fire Class M1 (‘non inflammables’) in France.

During the early stages of fire the Isophenic (IPN) core swells and expands slightly (thereby filling any gaps between the steel faces) to form a protective char. The step change in chemical formulation also means that this differentiated, added value and future-proofed Kingspan Door Components panel is more difficult to ignite, selfextinguishing and produces less smoke than other products.

The panel embodies the same proven formulation as used by Kingspan roof and wall panel for many years to meet with insurance approval standards Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1181 and Factory Mutual (FM) 4880.

Please note: B – s2, d0 describes the following:
B – reaction to fire behaviour
s2 – smoke production classification
d0 – flaming droplets / particles classification


As you would expect, Indupart offer a wide range of optional extras including but not limited to, double-glazed windows, integral personnel doors in main door and door safety furniture.

Do you want more light to enter the area behind the sectional overhead door, or do you want to be able to look through the door to the outside? It is possible to add one or more windows to the sectional overhead door.

With Indupart’s sectional overhead doors, you can select insulated, oval or rectangular windows. If you want to increase the amount of illumination, you can glaze the entire width of the door. We do this by combining the standard steel 40mm panels with aluminium panoramic window sections. This allows even more light to enter, making it a simple way to increase the amount of light on the work floor as well as giving your sectional overhead door a more industrial appearance.

Colour Charts

Sectional Overhead Doors |

Plastisol 610mm Colours

These colours are only available on 610mm Deep Panels

Outside Colours

(Backs of all plastisol panels)

Sunflower Yellow (Aztec) BS 10E55
Flame Red (Poppy) BS 04E53
Sapphire Blue (Sargasso) RAL 5003
Khaki Green (Moorland) BS 12B21
Olive Green BS 12B27
Leaf Green (Heritage) RAL 6002
Van Dyke Brown BS 08B29
Goosewing Grey BS 10A05
Merlin Grey BS 18B25
Conflower Blue (Solent) BS 18E53
Azure Blue (Ocean) BS 18C39
Juniper Green BS 12B29
Signal White RAL 9003
Anthracite RAL 7016
Inside Colour
White RAL 9010

Plastisol 500mm Colours

These colours are only available on 500mm Deep Panels

Outside Colours

(Backs of all plastisol panels)

Mushroom BS 10B19
Inside Colour
White RAL 9010

Polyester Colours

Outside Colours
Sunset Red RAL 3000
Gentian Blue RAL 5010
Fir Green RAL 6009
Anthracite RAL 7016plus
Ivory RAL 1015
Bone (Grey) White RAL 9002
Grey Aluminium RAL 9007plus
Silver RAL 9006plus
White RAL 9010
Black RAL 9005
Inside Colour
White RAL 9010

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