FIREsafe Doors

Thanks to our long association with Kingspan, Indupart is the largest supplier of Kingspan door panels within the UK.

Does your insulated sectional door manufacturer use FIREsafe foam as standard?
Indupart uses Isophenic (IPN) insulated core as standard on all sectional overhead doors

What is FIREsafe?

The FIREsafe core provides optimum fire performance for a sandwich panel and is classified as B – s2, d0 under the requirements of EN 13501-1:2007+A1 (the European wide classification for construction products and building elements) – and accords with Fire Class M1 (‘non inflammables’) in France.

B – s2, d0 describes the following:
B – reaction to fire behaviour
s2 – smoke production classification
d0 – flaming droplets / particles classification

As well as using FIREsafe panelling on the majority of doors we manufacture, Indupart also stocks Kingspan door panels for immediate dispatch or collection from our depots in Stockport, Hemel, Bristol and Glasgow.

During the early stages of fire, the Isophenic (IPN) core swells and expands slightly (filling any gaps between the steel faces) to form a protective char. The step change in chemical formulation also means that this differentiated, added value and future-proofed Kingspan Door Components panel is more difficult to ignite, self-extinguishing and produces less smoke than other products.

The panel embodies the same proven formulation used by Kingspan roof and wall panels for many years to meet with insurance approval standards Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1181 and Factory Mutual (FM) 4880.


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