Indupart Website – New Features

Our team, alongside our marketing agency have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a brand new standout, user-friendly website. We’ve tried to consider every single way we can make things easier for our customers, whilst looking to continuously improve the website and have further ideas that will be rolled out in due course.

Parts Search

We have been working hard behind the scenes trying to find the easiest way to search for your parts to make life easier for you. Our updated parts search means you can search for a part name, keyword and part number. If you miss-spell the part it should still come up, as we have introduced a new function called ‘fuzzy search’. You can search for the industrial door spares at the top and bottom of every page.

Request A Quote – Trade Members Only

Indupart trade members will now notice we’ve updated the way the industrial spares look on the website, making it easier for you to share, search and request a quotation. If the part needs a specific length or requirement you will be able to select what you require. Once you’ve selected all the items you need simply go to your Quote Request and send it through to the Indupart sales team, they will come back to you with a quotation or questions as soon as possible. If you need to setup a trade members account, please click here.

Suitable for

See all the suitable parts for any part you view. The bonus is that you can click through to these parts straight away, without having to search for them separately. If available, click the drop down menu to see the suitable panels.

Door Pages

The door pages now feature the Drawings, Manuals and Other related information at the bottom of each page. You can also be able to view colour charts, tech specs (if you’re a trade member) and print directly from this page.

Technical Information Access

Improving the safety of the website was an important task we took on, therefore you can no longer access technical information without being approved as a trade member. To create a trade access membership please click here. Becoming a trade member will grant you unique access to part quote requests, video tips and access to trade only sections of the website.

Mobile / Tablet Responsive

After a lot of feedback from our customers telling us how hard it was to use the previous website, we’ve now made sure our new website is mobile responsive. This means it will be easier to order and view from your mobile devices.

Quick Links

When you scroll down our home page you will notice our quick link area. This allows you to quickly navigate to parts, training courses, technical information, colour charts, trade applications, catalogue requests and latest news.


If you’re reading this you’ve probably already found out! We added a news section to our website. This will have regular updates including tips, new products and what’s happening within Indupart.


By taking into account what the team gets asked regularly, we have compiled as many questions as possible and answered them in our frequently asked questions, meaning if you don’t want to phone our team you can most probably find the answer in this list.


We’ve improved our downloads tab on the page so you can quickly get PDF downloads of our catalogues, leaflets, manuals and colour charts.


Please make sure you take a look at the website, if you think there is a way to improve the current website then please let us know. We are always looking to improve our company to make it the best it can be. For website improvements please email