Trevor Holt returns to Indupart

After 15 years, almost to the day, away on adventures, Trevor Holt re-joined Indupart in a Business Development role.

After a months induction, Trevor is raring to hit the road to see customer, before he did we sat him down and asked him a few things about the last 15 years, and what the future holds.

Where have you been and what’ve you been doing?

I left Indupart to head to Germany to spend time with my partner, now wife, Susie.

We spent 14 great years in Kaiserslautern, about an hour SW of Frankfurt. During that time I worked for an IP Surveillance vendor who mainly provide software, but also high end intelligent cameras (computers with a lens). I learned a new industry whole new Industry with Mobotix, met some fantastic people, colleagues and clients alike.

My wifes contract in Germany was up so we moved to the Maryland, US just over a year ago. At which point I was mainly golfing – good “work” if you can get it!

What brought you back to Indupart?

Chance, fate, call it what you will.

I was back in the UK visiting family, mainly my new Grandson, Alfie, when Robin (Taylor) posted he was looking for a new person to run external sales. My wife and I always planned on coming back to the UK, but even though the timing wasn’t right, I knew I had to put myself forward – when I left 15 years ago it was on very good terms, I’ve kept in contact over the years.

I interviewed with Alison (Ops Director) and Chris Bridge (Sales Manager) and was taken around to see colleagues new and old. It was the reception I got from them as much as anything that lead to me having discussions with my wife about me coming back to the UK early when I was offered the job and here I am.

Noticeable changes?

Growth – we have always done great business out of the parts depots, but the expansion of the Stockport Parts facility, the logistics – lots of vehicles run by our own Logistics Manager, Stephen.

Professionalism – I think we always approached the business with professionalism, but also with a sense of fun. To name a few things, our Training Facility is superb, Ronnie (who I’ve known for more years than we both care to remember) has had me back in training for some of the time, his attention to H & S is excellent.

The Parts and New Door Teams work hard and efficiently, backed up by our Customer Service Team – being someone who has spent most of his life doing business over the phone, their professionalism is outstanding. Its great to be back knowing a team like that have your back

Products – Hundreds, if not thousands of new parts products, more panel types, parts for dock levellers, the parts catalogue has grown immensely.

New doors – more products in that area as well, in addition to the sectional doors, roller/fire shutter we are also good business with glazed sectional doors, a great range of high speed doors and loading dock equipment!

What do you think the future holds for Indupart?

I don’t think anyone can hide that Brexit will affect a lot going on with trade in the UK Door Industry, or maybe not – who knows? Seeing the stock levels and discussing our strategy in various scenarios means we can move forward with confidence.

In addition to this, we have a few new products and innovations, working independently and with business partners, on the back burner to make another step forward and keep Indupart as a company in a very healthy position.

If you would like Trevor to come and visit you click here.