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Frame: Guides and side brackets in PE, non-supporting
Covers: Motor covers in stainless steel 304, included as standard
Power Supply: 230 VAC, mono-phase
Control cabinet: Plastic, with IP65 protection degree
Safety: Barrel type inferred photocells
Installation: Easy installation due to factory semi-assembled frames and components
Temperature: Wide range operating temperature +2°C to +40°C
Humidity: Up to 80% condensation free)


Hygiene and speed – two in one solution
Non rusting frame and food friendly
High level of sound and temperature insulation
Phase invertor for precision and speed
Pre-wired controls and cabling
Opening speed up to 2.5 m/s


Type: Completely flexible curtain, with self-relocating system.
Material: PVC as standard supply. Optionally in FDA approved PU.
Insulation: High-level acoustics and thermal insulation.
Colours: More than 15 colours available.

Optional Extras

Fully Automatic Operation: High-speed door may automatically open when a radar or proximity sensor is triggered.
Automatic interlock: Both doors may be interlocked together, thus while one is working, the other is blocked for operation preventing double closing.
Wireless control without batteries: To minimise the number of run cables, a door may be equipped with wireless push buttons with unique “battery free” technology.

Curtain Repairs

We can repair all major brands of High Speed Doors. Patch repair and full curtain replacements are available at competitive prices at our off site facility.

Please note: For all curtain repairs a drawing will need to be supplied for us to get a close replica of the existing curtain.

If you have any queries about this door, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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