How to use our Quote Request system

There are 3 sections to this article to help you use our quote request system:
1. Have you signed up to become a trade member
2. My Account
3. How to request a quote

Have you signed up to become a trade member?

If you’d like to send quote requests through our website please make sure you first sign up as a trade member using our trade application. Please make sure to tick this section: when submitting the form.

If you are approved and have ticked the trade member access, you’ll be sent an email with your username and password along with the login link. Please make a note of the information for future reference.

My Account

Trade members will now see a new button on their menu: . This is where you can view all your quote requests, change your account details and logout.


You will see all your quote requests, with the most recent being first. Click on the quote number (e.g. #14500) or the view button to see the quote in more detail. In the quote details will be the full quote with all line items.

Account Details

You can change your account details here, along with your password.


Please click this is you’d like to be signed out.

How to request a quote

Now you’ve successfully signed up to use the request a quote system you can login and start using it straight away. Tip: you’ll know you’re signed in if you are able to see the blue quote request button (top right on a desktop pc and in the navigation menu on a mobile device).

Step 1 – Choose your parts

Now you’re a trade member you’ll see new options on all part pages to add the items to a quote. Please choose your quantity and click the blue button. You can repeat this for as many parts as you need.

Step 2 – View your quote request

When you’re finished adding all the parts to your quote, or simply want to view your quote, click the button.

As some of you may have already figured out, once you’ve added a part to the quote you can also click on all part pages.

On the quote request screen you’ll be able to see all the parts you’ve added to the request.

  • If you need to change any of the quantities, please use the or button next to each line item (please be patient whilst it updates the quantity). If for whatever reason the quantity doesn’t change on any line item, please click the button and wait for the page to update.
  • If you want to go back to the product, click on the part name or image.
  • To remove a part, simply click the icon to the left of the line item.

Step 3 – Submit the quote request form

Please double check the parts are correct before filling out the form. Fill out your details and click send.

Once you have sent the form, you’ll be forwarded to a success page where you can see your quote request number as a reference. You’ll also receive an email to confirm we have received your request and its details.